Pearland is located in the “Energy Capital of the World,” with over 3,000 energy sector companies specializing in the exploration, extraction and transportation of both oil and gas resources, as well as companies servicing equipment and providing engineering services in all aspects of the industry. Some of Pearland’s largest employers are energy service companies and include such companies as Baker-Hughes, Weatherford International and Dover Energy.

Benefits for energy companies in the Pearland region include:

Workforce:  Pearland has the essential workforce needed to fill the positions, both professional and skilled, to accommodate any energy sector company.

Transportation:  Pearland has access to the highway, rail and seaport infrastructure and the complex logistics chain need to handle oil and natural gas products processed and distributed within the region.

Support:  The region’s concentration of energy companies facilitates a diverse base of supporting expertise in areas such as law and finance. Multiple angel and venture capital organizations specializing in the energy sector are located in the region.

Business Costs:  The cost of doing business is significantly lower in Texas. Whether it is the cost of utilities or stable workforce environments, industries are ensured a stable operating environment.

Recent Energy Projects: 

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation completed construction in 2015 on a 150,000 SF office, manufacturing and warehouse facility on a 26-acre site on Kirby Drive.

Dover Energy completed construction in 2014 on a 150,000 SF manufacturing and operations center on a 14-acre site in Pearland’s Lower Kirby District.  The facility is home to approximately 200 employees and allowed Dover to consolidate its multiple Texas locations into one regional facility.

Brask Inc., Neela began operations in 2011 at their 90,000 sq. ft. facility in Pearland.  The facility produces custom fabricated heat transfer equipment and allows Neela’s to service local petrochemical and chemical customers throughout the Houston region and beyond. The facility includes a welding, machining and assembly department, as well as a clean room for high-alloy welding.

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