Workforce Data

Pearland’s strategic location within the Houston MSA gives your company access to over 2.8 million talented and seasoned workers in industries such as energy, manufacturing and allied healthcare—including over 7,500 Texas Medical Center employees that live within the Pearland city limits.

Labor Force

Since 2005, Pearland’s estimated labor force has grown from just over 31,302 to 62,401 in 2018.


 Labor Force 



 Unemployment Rate 






Brazoria County





Harris County





Houston MSA










Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Local Area Unemployment Statistics - February 2018

Educational Attainment

Pearland has educational attainment levels well above the national average. 44.3% of Pearland’s adult population holds a four year degree or higher. Compare that to the national average of 31.3%.

Pearland residents are also more likely to have finished high school and gone on to post-secondary education. Over 76% of Pearland residents have some college, compared to the national average of 60%.

And over 94% of Pearland residents have obtained at least a high school diploma or GED.

Workforce Training

From the Texas Workforce Commission to the Skills Development Fund, PEDC offers a wide range of workforce training resources to help grow your employee skill sets and your business. Whatever the training need, PEDC is here to help. Contact us today to learn more.

Resource Providers and Programs

Texas Workforce Commission 
The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) is the state agency that oversees workforce development services for employers and job seekers in Texas. PEDC works directly with TWC, local workforce offices—Workforce Solutions—and nearby community colleges to leverage State of Texas training grants and create customized training programs for your business. Workforce Solutions can also identify and recruit key employees for your company.

Skills Development Fund 
The Skills Development Fund is an innovative program created to assist Texas public community and technical colleges in financing customized job training for their local businesses.  The fund is administered by the Texas Workforce Commission. Grants are provided to help companies and labor unions form partnerships with local community colleges and technical schools to provide custom job training.  Average training benefits are $1,000 per trainee. However, the benefit may vary depending on the proposal.  The maximum award amount is $500,000.

PEDC staff will work with your company to draft the application for these training funds, and with State of Texas officials overseeing the evaluation and awarding of the funds. PEDC will also assist in maximizing existing training programs present in our region’s three primary community colleges: Alvin Community College, Houston Community College and San Jacinto Community College.

Local Community Colleges
Pearland’s community colleges provide customized training and continuing education either on campus or on-site. Each college partners with businesses to identify specific employee or team development needs and creates a targeted plan.

Using Skills Development Fund grants, businesses can target specific training programs that are necessary either for new employee training or to elevate the skills of existing employees. Community college staff works closely with PEDC and your company to identify your training needs, apply for grants and complete the training.

Community college partners include:
Alvin Community College
Houston Community College
San Jacinto  College

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