State Highway 35 Redevelopment

State Highway 35 is one of Pearland's principal commercial corridors.  In the Pearland 20/20 Community Strategic Plan, it was determined that the overall development potential of the corridor is held back by areas that do not meet present community standards.

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State Highway 35 Redevelopment Strategy

One of the main strategies outlined in the Pearland 20/20 Community Strategic Plan is to optimize the development potential of Pearland’s principal commercial corridors. A redevelopment strategy for the SH 35 Main Street corridor from Beltway 8 to the southern corporate limits has been developed to build upon the Strategic Plan suggestions and provide the “big picture” strategic actions that are needed to encourage more investment in the corridor.

That portion of the SH 35 Corridor extends 7.2 miles from Clear Creek or the Pearland municipal boundaries on the north, to its municipal boundaries on the south, or approximately Hastings Cannon Road. Properties within the area include those located contiguous to the highway along its eastern and western edges, as well as a significant portion of the Old Townsite District.

To develop the strategy, a market analysis was completed, interviews and group meetings were held with stakeholders, and identified five catalyst areas with development concepts for those areas. The five catalyst concepts include:

  1. Northern Gateway Entrance and Corridor Streetscape Improvements
  2. Business Park North
  3. Restaurant and Entertainment Destination and Main Street Urban Design
  4. Old Town Esplanade and New Community on former Alvin Community College Campus
  5. Business Park South

An Open House for the Strategy was held on April 25, 2016.  The PEDC Board approved the strategy on April 28, 2016 and a Joint Public Hearing with the Planning and Zoning Commission was held on June 20, 2016.  City Council approved the strategy in July 2016.

SH 35 Entryway and Corridor Enhancements

One of the five catalyst concept areas identified in the Strategy is the Northern Gateway Entrance and Corridor Streetscape Improvements. By improving infrastructure and streetscape within the corridor, the image and sense of place, market appeal and overall taxable value of the area can increase dramatically.  To begin implementing this concept, a SH 35 Gateways & Corridor Enhancements Concept Plan was developed for the corridor, from Beltway 8 to Broadway. The concept plan proposed focusing on the entryway at Beltway 8, including two monument signs near Clear Creek, planting the medians with canopy trees, enhancing pedestrian areas at major intersections, and framing the roadway with smaller street trees along the right-of-way. In the Old Town section, the plan proposed creating a more desirable walking environment by extending the sidewalk to the back of the right-of-way adding shrubbery as space in the road right-of-way allows.

A steering committee of businesses and corridor stakeholders met to provide feedback on the concepts, which accommodate the limitations presented by the varying existing conditions, such as slope paved ditches, power lines along the road and narrow road rights-of-way.

The project limits include SH 35 road right-of-way from Beltway 8 to Broadway. Construction began September 2018 and will take approximately one year to complete, weather permitting. 

This project is funded and will be maintained by the PEDC.  The construction budget for the year-long project is $6,437,050.

Construction Progress Update: June 2019

We continue to make progress on construction from Beltway 8 to Broadway. The contractor has completed the following items:

  • Irrigation – meters, mains, laterals, and bores to medians, except for Broadway intersection
  • Concrete ditch demolition
  • Signal utility relocation at Broadway and McHard
  • Tree relocation – 38 crape myrtles from the SH 35 medians were salvaged and replanted in medians along McHard and Barry Rose
  • Tree Wells and Trenches – sections were removed from the back slopes of concrete ditches for tree planting wells, and trenches were excavated along existing railings for vine plantings
  • 24’ Pearland sign installations at Beltway 8

The contractor has been moving forward per schedule on the following items:

  • Tree and shrub plantings along the ROW and medians
  • Pavers and tree grate installation in Old Town
  • Updated pedestrian ramps at street intersections in Old Town
  • Planter walls around the 24’ Pearland signs, including stone veneer
  • Broadway intersection, corner demolition and pouring of new pedestrian plazas and ramps

In the coming months, the contractor will focus on planting the remaining crape myrtle trees along the ROW and preparing the Broadway intersection for four 18’ Pearland signs, one on each corner.

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