In 2012, the Pearland 20/20 Steering Committee began the eight-month process that culminated in the holistic and action-oriented Pearland 20/20 community strategic plan. The collaborative, community-driven process was facilitated by the project’s Steering Committee, a diverse group of public and private leaders committed to ensuring a prosperous future for Pearland's residents and businesses.

The initiative began with the Competitive Assessment phase, a series of focus groups and interviews with over 80 local business, government, education and civic leaders. Businesses and residents throughout Pearland had an opportunity to provide feedback about the issues and opportunities facing the community by participating in an online survey.

The Pearland 20/20 Community Strategic Plan is the result of months of research, public input, and feedback and oversight from the project Steering Committee. Throughout the process, Committee members, including representatives from the City Council, PEDC Board of Directors, Chamber of Commerce, school districts, City staff, and other key civic and business leaders, reviewed drafts and revised versions of the Strategy and made multiple comments that were incorporated into the Strategic Plan. 

It is critical that the initial achievements of Pearland 20/20 are built upon as the community moves into the second half of its implementation cycle. Strategies must be living documents, especially with the shifting competitive dynamics and evolving markets in today’s economy.

In early 2015, PEDC and the Pearland 20/20 Implementation Steering Committee began working on a Mid-Course Update to the plan.  This update assessed the implementation thus far to get a big-picture sense of key successes and challenges, as well as looked forward towards the final two and a half years of the plan’s implementation.

As part of this process, an Implementation Assessment was conducted, which included a facilitated group discussion with the Steering Committee, a series of focus groups on specific initiatives, interviews with local business, government, education and civic leaders and a targeted online survey.

The revised Pearland 20/20 Community Strategic plan was approved unanimously by the project Steering Committee, PEDC’s Board of Directors and City Council in late 2015.