In early 2015, PEDC and the Pearland 20/20 Implementation Steering Committee began working on a Mid-Course Update to the plan.  This update assessed the implementation thus far to get a big-picture sense of key successes and challenges, as well as looked forward towards the final two and a half years of the plan’s implementation. 

As part of this process, an Implementation Assessment was conducted, which included a facilitated group discussion with the Steering Committee, a series of focus groups on specific initiatives, interviews with local business, government, education and civic leaders and a targeted online survey.

The Implementation Assessment leverages quantitative and qualitative data to determine the strategic components that have been advanced most effectively, those that have lagged or yet to be initiated, and some of the challenges and opportunities related to the nine Pearland 20/20 strategies. The Assessment was informed by public input involving over 100 local stakeholders from public, private, non-profit, and institutional sectors.