The Pearland 20/20 Community Strategic Plan contains nine strategies that are designed to take Pearland to the next level of success both as an economy and sustainable residential location. Each strategy is comprised of a variety of sub-actions that details steps and tactics necessary to further the strategic goal. 

The revised Pearland 20/20 Community Strategic plan was approved unanimously by the project Steering Committee, PEDC’s Board of Directors and City Council in late 2015.

The nine key strategies outlined in the revised Strategic Plan are:

1. Design and implement an enhanced economic development marketing program.

2. Implement multiple, high-impact mobility projects.

3. Optimize the development potential of Pearland’s principal commercial corridors and character districts.

4. Make Pearland a more competitive recreation and cultural destination for residents and visitors.

5. Improve Pearland’s aesthetics through strategic community beautification and gateway efforts.

6. Implement plans to develop the Lower Kirby Urban Center (LKUC) as Pearland’s most intensive mixed-use employment, residential, and entertainment district.

7. Construct a multi-use events center in Pearland.

8. Advance local education and workforce development pipelines in Pearland.

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