The Pearland community continues to make progress on each of the key initiatives in the Pearland 20/20 Strategic Plan.  While PEDC is coordinating the implementation of the plan, successful implementation of the strategy requires public and private partners to continue to work together while also forging new relationships. 

Pearland 20/020 Mid-Course Update
In early 2015, PEDC and the Pearland 20/20 Implementation Steering Committee began working with Market Street Services on a Mid-Course Update to the plan.  This update assessed the implementation thus far to get a big-picture sense of key successes and challenges, as well as looked forward towards the final two and a half years of the plan’s implementation. 
As part of this process, Market Street conducted an Implementation Assessment, which included a facilitated group discussion with the Implementation Steering Committee, a series of focus groups on specific initiatives, interviews with PEDC, city staff and community partners and a targeted online survey.  The Implementation Assessment was included in the September 3, 2015 Thursday Administrative Packet.
After several meetings, the Pearland 20/20 Implementation Steering Committee approved a mid-course update to the Pearland 20/0 Community Strategic Plan on October 27th. The PEDC Board approved the update on November 19th and City Council approved the plan at its January 25, 2016 meeting.

Pearland 20/20 Implementation Committee
At its March 5th 2013 meeting, when the Pearland 20/20 Strategic Plan was approved by the Steering Commitee, the Committee voted unanimously to stay together as the Pearland 20/20 Implementation Committee. Thus, the leaders that comprised the Steering Committee will stay together, with potential key additions, to shepherd and oversee the initial implementation of Pearland 20/20. The Implementation Committee will serve as the “keeper of the goals” of the Strategy, taking ownership of outcomes and monitoring progress towards realization of performance benchmarks. The Committee will be responsible for specific oversight of strategic implementation to ensure that all key stakeholder groups critical to effective strategic implementation are represented around the table. The Implementation Committee will be kept apprised of all strategic investments and programming and receive reports from PEDC staff and other local implementation partners. The length of time the Implementation Committee is in existence—as well as the frequency of its meetings—will be determined as implementation progresses.

The current Pearland 20/20 Implementation Committee Members are:

Charles Gooden, Jr. (Chair)    Charles D Gooden Consulting Engineers
Stacy Adams Commissioner, Brazoria County
Dr. Christal Albrecht President, Alvin Community College
Teir Allender General Manager, CBL & Associates
Carol Artz-Bucek President, Pearland Chamber of Commerce
Jon Branson Assistant City Manager, City of Pearland
Matt Buchanan President, PEDC
Tony Carbone City Council, City of Pearland
Dr. Buck Gilcrease Superintendent, Alvin Independent School District
Richard Graber Director of Programs & Services, Houston Arts Alliance
Dr. John Kelly Superintendent, Pearland Independent School District
Lata Krishnarao Director of Community Development, City of Pearland
Johnna Little Real Estate Consultant, Keller Williams Realty
John Lyle Vice President of Operations, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic
Alan Mueller Vice President, Gromax Development
Keith Ordeneaux City Council, City of Pearland
Rushi Patel Chair, PEDC Board of Directors
Clay Pearson City Manager, City of Pearland
Dale Pillow President, Adult Reading Center
Dr. Kristofer Schoeffler Chair, Pearland Chamber of Commerce
Dr. William Staples President, University of Houston Clear Lake
Lucy Stevener Secretary, PEDC Board of Directors