5.0 Improve Pearland's aesthetics through strategic community beautification and gateway efforts

5.1 Develop a comprehensive Pearland beautification strategy that outlines current priorities and institutes a unified approach and standard for all future efforts.
5.2 Develop iconic and visually appealing gateways to Pearland.
5.3 Expand participation in city-wide clean-up efforts and events.
5.4 Optimize the siting and replacement of power poles/lines in Pearland.
5.5 Continue working to implement and enhance programs to address distressed properties and code violations in Pearland.

Progress Highlights
  • Two major beautification strategy efforts have been completed:  the 288 Master Plan and Gateway features.  PEDC, KPB and the City have completed an entry feature at Cullen and a second phase of the project will enhance Cullen to FM 518.  In addition, we are ready to begin construction on two entry gateways at Pearland Parkway and Dixie Farm Road. 
  • Two additional beautification/corridor enhancement strategy efforts are taking place on SH35 and the Lower Kirby District, where streetscape and signage concept plans have been developed.
  • The 288 Corridor Master Improvements Plan was adopted by the PEDC Board of Directors, the Pearland Municipal Management District #2 and the City of Pearland and includes plans and cost estimates for the beautification of key intersections along the corridor. 
  • The City has established a SNAP (Safe Neighborhoods Around Pearland) team to focus code enforcement efforts on major corridors to improve appearance throughout the city. Between March 2015 and March 2016, the SNAP team addressed more than 60 cases.  The City passed a demolition ordinance for dilapidated structures in December 2015 and the team is currently working on its first property in a residential neighborhood.