3.0 Optimize the development potential of Pearland’s principal commercial corridors and character districts. 

3.1 Create a FM 518/Broadway master development plan.
3.2 Finalize and implement a SH 35 redevelopment strategy.
3.3 Effectively utilize and sustain the SH 288 management district.
3.4 Formalize a process, toolkit and priorities for redeveloping aging Pearland neighborhoods and character districts.

Progress Highlights
  • A management district to improve the appearance the SH 288 corridor (PMMD#2) has been created. A Board of Directors has been established and on November 5th, 2013, a maintenance and operations tax of $0.10 per $100 in valuation was approved by voters in the District.  The Board adopted the 288 Corridor Master Plan at its June 2014 meeting. 
  • After PMMD#2’s approval of the SH 288 Master Improvements Plan, we began began work on the initial clean-up of the corridor.  We are working on the engineering and design of the long-term improvements that the District will ultimately maintain.  The hardscape enhancements will be added to the construction plans for the managed lanes and softscape improvements will be made after construction on the managed lanes.  
  • A steering committee has spearheaded a Redevelopment Strategy for State Highway 35, one of Pearland's principal corridors.  A draft final plan document has been compelted and submitted to is being reviewed by the strategy Steering Committee and staff.  A public Open House is scheduled for April 2016.  To begin implementation of the Strategy, staff is working to develop a streetscape concept plan for the corridor.