2.0 Implement multiple, high-impact mobility projects. 

2.1 Continue planning, design, and construction of priority road and highway projects.
2.2 Advocate for the timely design and construction of the SH 288 park-and-ride facility in Pearland.
2.3 Continue efforts to secure long-term mass transit options for Pearland.
2.4 Support the construction of toll lanes on State Highway 288 between U.S. Highway 59 in Harris County and State Highway 6 in Brazoria County.
2.5 Work with the Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC) on regional transportation solutions.
2.6 Better inform local residents about east-west mobility options in Pearland.

Progress Highlights
  • The City and Counties in the fall of 2015 received an additional $172M in State and Federal funds for multiple major roadways in the Pearland area.  Construction has been completed on the Pearland Parkway extension project and the Bailey Road project is under construction. Max Road and Fite Road are currently under design. Future funded projects include McHard Road and Smith Ranch Road.  New funded projects include widening of the FM 518 overpass to 8 lanes as part of the managed lane project and expanding the bridge span, SH 288 NB Frontage Road from CR 59 to Broadway,  Bailey Road from 1128 to CR 90,  Hughes Ranch Road, Mykawa,  CR 59 – Kirby to Kingsley and FM 521 – 2234 to SH 6.
  • The City received funds for Hughes Ranch Road (CR403) ($26.5M), Mykawa Road ($34.3M) and SH288 northbound Feeder ($11.1M) as part of the 2015-18 Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) process.  Also Fort Bend County was awarded funds to reconstruct and widen FM 521 ($60M) from 2234 to SH 6.  Brazoria County is working with the state received funds to widen the FM 518 overpass to 8 lanes as part of the managed lane project and expanding the bridge span ($18.8M) also to widen Bailey (13.6M) from 1128 to CR 90. The City, Chamber and PEDC all supported Proposition 1, which voters approved that authorizes additional Texas transportation funding to be used for new construction and preservation of the state highway system.  
  • The City and PEDC continue to advocate for the construction of toll lanes on SH 288.  TxDOT project includes the Direct Connects on the Managed Land Project and has entered into an agreement with the concessionaire for the Harris County portion of the project.  Construction is expected to start in November 2016 in Harris County and Brazoria County will begin its construction in early 2017.